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RM India Foundation

Engaging, Enriching & Empowering Learners World Wide


"The RM India Foundation was established in 2007 as our corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm. More importantly, the Foundation also reiterates RM's commitment to the welfare and upliftment of the community that it is part of. The RM India Foundation's vision of providing support to under privileged children was set into motion through two welfare programs that commenced in 2007. This initiative is close to our hearts and resonates with the RM Group purpose which is “Enriching the lives of learners worldwide"

The following are the programs currently being run by the RM India Foundation:

The RM India foundation supports...


Students through Graeme Dewart Scholarship


Mobiles Distributed


Schools Adopted

Scholarship programme

This program was initiated with the purpose of aiding underprivileged students to pursue education in recognised institutions in Trivandrum. This scholarship scheme was initiated in 2007 to provide financial aid for the education of students who come under the low-income group in Kerala. Every year, students are added to this scheme. The RM India Foundation supports 51 students through the Graeme Dewart Scholarship for 2021. Out of which 16 students are school students and the other 35 are college students. The RM India Foundation takes the responsibility of paying school/college fees of these students.

So far, the Foundation has supported a total of 313 students through the Graeme Dewart Scholarship.

Connect the Disconnected

This program was launched on the 30th of June 2021. During the Corona outbreak, the students were totally disconnected from their curriculum due to lack of mobile devices in order to attend the online classes. The main intention of this program was to connect the students back to their curriculum by providing them with mobile phones.

RM India Foundation have distributed a total of 111 mobile devices to 11 schools in Trivandrum on the launch day. Also, as part of the second phase, the Foundation have distributed 14 mobile devices to 2 schools in Trivandrum – in total, 125 mobile devices have been distributed so far.

School adoption programme

This program is intended to provide support to Government schools in and around Trivandrum. The RM India Foundation have distributed TV, Smart Phones, Printers, Desktop for office work, Books and Sports kits to four schools in 2021. RM India also pays monthly salaries for English and Computer teachers of these schools.


Mobile phones distributed to students in Trivandrum