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Our mission is to grow through improving life chances of people - worldwide - by delivering great education products and services that help teachers to teach and learners to learn

RM is a leading supplier of technology and resources to the education sector, supporting schools, teachers and pupils across the globe – from pre-school to higher education – including examination boards, central governments and other professional institutions. We provide great solutions to help our customers deliver the world’s education.

RM Education Solutions India Pvt. Ltd (RM ESI) is the offshore captive unit and integral part of the RM group since 2003. We employ a talent pool of over 700 professionals based out of our facilities in Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. RM ESI is among the most respected employers in Technopark and have grown from strength to strength ever since starting the operations 17 years ago. We are an integral arm and support the RM group in providing leading-edge solutions for a wide range of futuristic education-related products and services for schools. The RM Group is committed to growing and continually investing in its operations in India.

The RM Group consists of three divisions with diverse business interests under the same brand umbrella.



We enable teachers to teach and students to learn through design and supply of essential technology 'building blocks' (software, services and technology) involved in running a school from connectivity to curriculum, with all the support and expertise to go with it.


Every year more than a million people around the world get the marks they deserve thanks to our intuitive, secure and reliable e-marking solutions that range from conducting examinations to delivering marked results entirely using technological solutions.


"Take a school building and turn it upside down. Everything that falls out is supplied by RM Resources." Buy anything - anything at all - a school requires from a pencil to a range of furniture through our TTS and Consortium branded e-commerce portals.

RM ESI Corporate Services

Day or night, sun or rain, our super-efficient corporate services teams including HR, administration, finance and others continuously do the heavy lifting to ensure RM ESI is up and running, enabling and assisting employees to deliver their best with no distractions.

Our Path

The most fundamental principle behind our success is building strong relationships based on trust. We are always in the pursuit of change and want to make a deep impact on the lives of people. By putting our gifts, experience, assets, and dedication to work and celebrating it, we have successfully managed to grow business and build high expectations to aim towards a high-performance culture.